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Dog Blood In Urine:

When blood is seen in the urine, it's source can be from any of several sites. These include the urinary bladder (with infection, cancer, stones or parasites); the vagina (female) or penis/prepuce (male); and/or kidneys (infection, cancer, stones or parasites). Blood is usually visible in urine when voided on the floor or on snow, but can be missed otherwise. Small amounts of blood in urine can be undetectable to a pet owner when it is microscopic. People should be concerned when their pet appears to be urinating more often or straining to urinate.

Dog Blood In Urine Causes:

Infections, cancer, bladder or kidney stones, parasites.

Dog Blood In Urine Treatment:

Treatment: Treatment is directed toward the underlying causes of bloody urine. This includes: antibiotics for infections; surgery and chemotherapy for cancers; surgery for stones; and anti-helmintics for urinary tract parasites.

Dog Blood In Urine Prevention:

Make sure your pet empties their bladder regularly. Keep the area around your pet’s vagina/penis clean; do not let feces or debris to build up in these areas. Get your pet to the veterinarian promptly if urination becomes frequent, difficult or bloody.